woensdag 28 juli 2010

dinsdag 27 juli 2010

The parts overview

This is a picture of the parts needed. Still missing in the picture is an extra relay PCB and knobs for the potmeters. As you can see, wires have been prepared in the right length and tinned.

zaterdag 24 juli 2010

About the printed circuit board

The PCB has following purpose :
- Switching by relays of the signal path
- Switching the orbitone to a string ensemble
- Mixing the 3 signals of the string ensemble to a stereo output
- Small stone phaser circuit
- Control circuit of the sustain attack
- Muting circuit
- Mixing the sustains and the 4' and 8' strings of the lower manual

vrijdag 23 juli 2010

How does it work ?

A little bit of explanation :

By activating the switch these things happen :
- The orbitone ensemble will turn into a string ensemble.
- The routing of the strings and sustains of the lower manual will go through this new string ensemble.
- The output of this string ensemble will go through a build-in small stone phaser.
- The output of this phaser will be mixed with the rest of the organ sounds.
- Stereo output of this string ensemble only is available.

The sustain attack will be made by controlling the sustain bias.

The small stone phaser is the original circuit with the original parts. It has a rate control and a depth switch.

woensdag 21 juli 2010

The circuit board inside the E310 ...

The circuit board ...

This is the prototype circuit board with most components mounted. In the final version there were some changes due to component availability, but these will be explained later.

About pricing details ...

At first, I would present this extension box as a kit with all parts included.
But I'm sure you folks out there have plenty of resistors, capacitors, etc.
So it would be wiser to present only the difficult parts and PCB.
And even if you have a spare small stone phaser you can save money by removing the CA3094 ic's. They cost 35 euros, since they are collectibles. I still can order them with my electronic component supplier.
So here are a few prices :
- A professionally made PCB with solder mask and component layout : 60 euro
- 8 miniature relays : 14,6 euro
- "hard to find" ic and transistor package with CA3094 : 40 euro
- "hard to find" ic and transistor package without CA3094 : 5 euro

The rest are normal components you can find everywhere
If you are intrested in the whole package, the estimated price will be 170 euro.

A new start ...

Hello everyone !
I decided to give this blog a new start.
Since the whole project has been finished, I'm ready to share it with the whole world.
But let's start with a bit of explanation ...
What does the extension box for the E310 do ?
- A variable attack for the sustains, giving them a smoother envelope.
- A build-in small stone phaser.
- Separation of the upper and lower manual ( this means you can play normal sounds with the upper manual and phasing strings with the lower manual ).

If you are in an experimenting mood, there are plenty modifications and extras possible ( separate stereo output, separate volume controls for the strings, ...)
Everything can be modified on the Printed Circuit Board.