dinsdag 2 april 2013

Wiring diagrams and pictures

Please click this link to download wiring diagrams and pictures

new revised manual with many corrections and hints

Please follow this link : http://freepdfhosting.com/22c6e940f1.pdf If you have any suggestions, pleas let me know Greetings

zondag 13 november 2011

vrijdag 11 november 2011

The schematic of the first part

Follow this link to upload the first part ( the split manual section )

Just a thought ...

Would there be any demand for a fully mounted and tested upgrade box ?
If so, I can always start to assemble.
Please let me know.

The mystery relay board ...

The relay board has been designed to be mounted near the Modulator boards.
It has 2 relays of 12V connected in series ( Re 8 and Re 9 ).
There is also a solder place for a resistor ( RR )in case you would like to use relays with a lower voltage.
Normally, when using the 12V relays, this Resistor can be replaced by a jumper wire.

maandag 7 november 2011

The modification on the PCB

It seems that I've not posted a picture of the small modification on the PCB as stated in the manual part 1.
So here it is !
The red lines are the cuts on the copper tracks.
The yellow lines are tiny wires to be placed.